Greetings from my fresh new web page, blog, open source jekyll-based CMS. I was fooling around for months with CMS systems* and Jekyll templates - most of them were horrible.

So recently, I decided to drive my web page with Jekyll, hosted on GitHub, because I have several semi-private projects there anyway. My personal web pages from the past were mostly one thing: static. So maybe this generation will become more interesting. The scope is about my professional job as software developer, project manager and some parts of my private life.

* Here you should know that my girlfriend runs a cool german blog since years, named julinaeht. She maintains everything on her own, even tough she had no experiences on programming or similar things. Anyway, I found thst wordpress or other CMS are too hard to learn so here we are on a nerdy way of blogging.

You can find the source code of this page on GitHub under Sin-Net/Pages for more information.

Writing this post was powered with music from JINJER - Pisces (Live Session).
Have a nice day!